Using Evernote for Construction Project Management

project management for contractors with evernote

As a project manager for a mid sized home builder on the coast of NC, I have been looking for ways to manage my projects, lists, progress, correspondence, etc… and have it in a format that allows me to see most of my files anywhere I am. Evernote … [Read more]

Build A Real Estate Engagers Circle On Google+

real estate circle google+

Don't let the title fool you, this technique can be used with any topic! I happen to be a builder and am always looking to network and engage with realtors and other industry related pro's. Disclaimer: This isn't for everyone, if you are trying … [Read more]

Drop Shipping: How I Made It Work

drop shipping as a niche site

Tons of people are building niche sites these days, which is just another word for the old MFA sites if you ask me. MFA stands for Made For Adsense and was a very popular technique of basically building a one page site, black hatting SEO on it, then … [Read more]

Google+ Circle Shares, Stay Away From The Chains

google+ circle shares

The people that are looking for social credibility without actually doing anything to gain that credibility, have discovered a new way to do it with Google+. Much the same as Twitter users try to use the #FF #FollowFriday hashtag to get more … [Read more]

Google Plus Brand Page and Community for Bizhax

google plus brand page and communities

Something I have contemplated, but never implemented. This weekend I finally created the Bizhax Google+ Page, and the Bizhax Google+ Community. It wasn't easy to do, because I am already extremely low on bandwidth I have remaining to keep these … [Read more]

Google Plus: Getting Started

getting started on google plus

Ok, so there are tons of articles about using Google Plus and how to make it work for you. As a matter of fact, I am going to link to a few of them in this article, as well as a few great resources. (yes, linking out to other resources is a good … [Read more]